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Jack Wittry, Karen Nordquist, and Wendy Taylor at the Chicagland Show.

Jack Wittry and Karen Nordquist.

Dan setting up his Rib River display at the Chicagoland Show.

Rib River Fossils at the Chicagoland Show.

4-H "best in state" grand champion geology project of Mazon Creek Fossils.

The Field Museum

Karen Nordquist and Irene Broede share thier work at the Field Museum Open House.



Hunting for Dinosaurs in New Castle, WY 2008.

Nano T-Rex claw find by Aaron Fairchild with Paleoprospectors in New Castle, WY 2008.

ESCONI field trip to Indiana.

Indiana field trip...looking for trilobites.

Iowa collecting...

Bealis looks over Jim's agates on a Wisconsin field trip.

Wisconsin Agates.

Collecting in Iowa.

Organizing, organizing, organizing...

Aaron Fairchild's 4-H project at the Kane Co. Fair.

Family Paleoprospectors trip with Rob Sula 2002.

Custer, SD cave.

Mr. Wizzard.

Warfield Fossil Quarry.

Don Auler oversees Aaron Fairchilds discovery in Canada 1997.

New Castle, WY field trip with Paleoprospectors 2008.

Plenty to "uncover" in New Castle, WY with Paleoprospectors 2008.

Canada 1997.

Canada trip 1997.

Don Auler discussing the Canadian sheild in Canada 1997.

ESCONI field trip to Missouri.

West Bend Grotto

West Bend Grotto--Iowa.

Freemont Culture.

Cahokia Mounds.

Canada fossils. That's Andy Hay to the left of Jim(far right).

Receptaculites found by Roger Sesterhenn

Receptaculites found by Roger Sesterhenn